Monday, May 21, 2012

Humans, u got some 'splaining to do....

Okay. Mom has decided she wants to have another yard sale. I'm not understanding this concept.

First, a yard sale implies that one is selling A YARD. She's had two previous yard sales and no one bought the yard. So why is it called a yard sale?

Second, if she and dad didn't accumulate so much STUFF, they wouldn't need to waste time sorting it, cleaning it, pricing it, and putting it out in the yard that's not for sale so they can sell it for approximately 25% of what they paid for it. Cats just don't do this. Besides, this gives her more time to avoid the housework that she neglects to do anyway.

Third, what's she gonna do with all this money she makes from the yard sale? Will she buy treats for me? Quality catnip? A new bed? Oh no. She will probably go and buy useless human stuff that she will one day decide she doesn't need anymore. See above.

Thinking about all this makes me tired. Think I'll go and take a nap.

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