Monday, June 11, 2012

I Received an Award!!!

First of all, I'm lowering my head in shame because I received this award from my pawsome friend Herman @Tattlecat (check out his wonderful blog HERE ) and I was so busy with Anipal Prom stuff that I haven't had time to properly acknowledge it until now.

I received the Sunshine Award. Isn't it gorgeous? It's my first award!

I looked on Herman's BLOG and on my friend Emma's BLOG and found this information

The Sunshine Award is awarded to "bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere." As an award winner, there are a few rules I need to follow:

· Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.--Done!
· Answer the questions below--Done!
· Pass on the award to 10 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs, and let them know you awarded them--Done!
One thing that I noticed about the questions to be answered-they were more human in nature, so they don't really pertain to us anipals. While I was pondering my answers I looked at Herman's blog and saw he came up with some pawsome questions that are more appropriate. I'm sure he won't mind if I use them (giving him full credit, of course!).
Here's the questions and my answers:

· Favorite place to sleep--on Mom's and Dad's bed, curled up against Mom's legs.
· Favorite human--My Mom, because she lets me sleep in the bedroom, she does all my typing, and she loves me lots and lots.
· Favorite fur-sib--I only have one, so Jaycee.
· Favorite memory--When I was chosen from all the other kitties at the shelter to come and live with Mom and Dad.
· Canned or kibble--Kibble, I guess...well, I've never had canned, because it's saved for when a kitty is sick or they're not eating normally. Maybe I should go on a hunger strike and change my answer?
· My passion--I love to roll in catnip. I get it all over me and then go and roll on the bed. I like to share.
· I get in trouble when--I do my infamous 5:43 a.m. thigh nibble to wake Mom up. I don't do it so much now but sometimes I get really hungry.....
· If I had opposable thumbs I would--Get my own computer and type whenever I want. I would write novels and become a gazillionaire *sighs*
· I get sick when--I eat Jaycee's fur. It's so pretty that I can't resist. It's like soft kibbles. Then I get hairballs and I throw them up, usually where Mom steps on them with her bare feet and they go squish.  
Here are the pawsome blogs that I awarded with the Sunshine Award: This is my friend Emma's blog. I love Emma and her blog. She's a Debucher Baguette a Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen. Go learn about her unique breed, and about her very eventful life! is my friend Pepper's blog. She's a service dog and a very hardworking one! She's also a pawsome Barktender at #nipclub! Her blog makes me smile as much as Pepper does! boys have so much fun! I wanna pawty at their house! Be warned, they are a bad influence! I love it! This is my friend Leo. He and his mom recently moved to a new home. He blogs all about his adventures in his new digs! I wanna go visit him! This is Leo's mom Amber. My mom and I love her and Leo so much! Amber blogs about her journey as she embarks upon her new life. She's got a pretty pawsome Bucket List started! Pie was one of my first friends on Twitter. I always love reading about his adventures and I love chatting with him! He's a pawsome friend and has a great blog! My friend Dash has a heart of gold. Right now, he's working hard to help our friend Spooky Shorty's mom because she's having serious financial problems. Check out his blog and please help if you can! I love these girls! They are so much fun on Twitter! Their blog reflects their beautiful, fun-loving personalities. Check it out! Little Cakees is one of the sweetest little doggies I know! Her blog is so pretty, just like she is! Her mom is writing a book about her! If you've been reading animal blogs you've probably seen the Nip and Bones store badge! This is the blog for the store! It's got news about new store products, and is just as wonderful as the store! Go read it!

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