About Me

Hi, I'm Truman. I'm a 3 year old Tonkinese rescue cat. This was me when I first arrived at my new home from the shelter:

I was so excited to be in my new home! There was another boy kitty there! I got a brother to play with! This is me with brother Monty:

There was a girl kitty too, named Jaycee. She was kinda scary. She hissed and stuff. Monty told me to stay away from her 'cause she might bite:

I love my new home so much! There's so much to see & explore. My new parents spoil me with cuddles & treats!

My brother got sick & went OTRB November 2011. I was so sad. I didn't have anyone to play with but mean girl Jaycee. Mom told us we had to learn to get along. Neither of us was willing, at first.

I started talking with Jaycee and I found out she used to WORK at her old home. I didn't even know kitties could WORK. I thought that was just for humans. She was a breeder kitty! She was bred to have kittens to sell. She came to live with Mom & Dad when she was nine years old. Mom was looking online at pictures of Maine Coon cats on a breeder's website and she found Jaycee for sale as a retired breeder. Jaycee settled right in at her new home and relaxed, knowing she would not have to work anymore.

I found out Jaycee mistrusted male kitties, because all the male kitties she had known gave her KITTENS. She didn't want any more kittens. I told her I would not give her any more kittens (because I'm neutered, you know) so could we please be friends? She seemed excited about that and said okay.

I love my mom and my dad and beautiful Jaycee. I also love naps, catnip, toy mice, paper balls, toys, boxes, and bubble wrap. I love to explore and climb. I love to watch tv and listen to music. I especially love to cuddle with mom and dad.

I'm writing a book; actually, I'm working on a few books. I'm writing a cat mystery book (in the spirit of the Lilian Jackson Braun Cat Who Series). I'm also writing a book about cat adventures, with all mom and dad's cats. My mom is working on books too (she's working on a political thriller and a medical thriller) so I told her I would write the cat books. That means I get to keep the profits too. Keep watching for them to be published!

I have a twitter account @tweetingtruman. Come and follow me and say hi and say hi on my blog! Luv, Truman xoxox


  1. Truman, I so enjoyed reading about your life. So glad you and Jaycee are getting along better. And so sorry to learn you lost Monty. I'm glad we iz pals. You haz a great blog here. Yay!

    1. Herman, Iz so glad we're pals too! You & your mom are pawsome. Thank you for compliments on my blog. I loves your blog too! Monty is playing with Nick OTRB. We will see them again someday *hugs*